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Foot orthoses

  • A poorly aligned foot can cause significant damage to the body as a whole. In addition to musculoskeletal pain in the foot, pain can also occur in the knees and back. The body will try to adapt to the poor foot posture, which will cause tension in the rest of the body.

    When these symptoms occur, a podiatrist can carry out a complete biomechanical assessment to determine the mechanical cause of the pain. The podiatrist will examine the patient’s posture, range of motion, and gait. This examination is necessary to establish an effective and appropriate treatment plan.

    If an orthosis is deemed necessary after the complete biomechanical examination, the podiatrist will take an impression of the foot in its optimum position. A custom brace will later be manufactured from this imprint. This functional foot orthotic will realign the foot and guide it during the process. In this way, it reduces the pathological and abnormal forces of foot and disperses pressure to relieve the injured structures.

    An orthosis is just one of the available treatments for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions (hallux abducto valgus), high arches and other biomechanical disorders of the foot.

    Everyone has different needs, so the clinic has several types of foot orthoses available. For example, we supply pediatric orthoses, accommodative orthoses, minimalist orthoses, functional orthoses, as well as others. Make an appointment with your podiatrist to learn about the type of orthosis best for you.

    Clinique Podiatrique Chiasson is a proud partner with PodoKop, who manufactures our prescribed orthoses. PodoKop Inc. is a laboratory that makes custom-made orthoses to the highest standards and with top quality materials.

    For more information about PodoKop, go to www.podokop.com

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